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Consulting & Mentoring

HK Films offers comprehensive consulting sessions to clients and mentoring programs for students to gain an understanding of the key elements required in creating a film or video production.  Clients acquire knowledge on various aspects of commercial, non-commercial, corporate videos, and the aesthetics used in dramatic feature films, engaging documentaries, entertaining television shows, and in-depth news stories. 


Students receive mentoring on the overall aspect of the motion picture industry providing history, noting the differences between Hollywood versus independent film companies, and the multitude of employment opportunities available to launch a career as an actor, artist, craftsmen, technician, or intern to name a few.

HK headshot.jpg
HK headshot.jpg

Don Francis

The Art of Storytelling

The ultimate goal is to see clients create a vision, and help them develop the framework for it to evolve from start to finish. Clients learn the art of storytelling by finding their unique voice.  Every story is in search of a writer to give it life.  We put you on the path to listening in order to connect with an emerging story and discover your purpose as the writer.  Tune into the voices of the characters, the sounds of nature, and the beauty of environment, creating a tapestry for the story to build upon.  

HK Films scripting.jpeg

Ashley Jones

Script Writing

HK Films acts as a sounding board for novice writers working on early stages of development, as well as finished scripts.  Proof reading and advising clients on the mechanics of scripting is a key to the pre-production process.  Learn different formatting styles that attract sponsors who are looking for polished script writers.  

Filmmaking photo.jpeg

Tess Brown


Filmmaking/motion picture programs consists of several stages from pre-production planning and administration to post-production editing.  HK Films gives an overview of what to expect. As an experienced Film Producer, I offer a variety of services such as Program Analysis, Project Management,  Artistic Design, and Technical Support, as well as, Wardrobe and Costume Design.

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